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  • Raúl Garreta

    Raúl Garreta

    Co-Founder & CEO at MonkeyLearn. Co-Founder at Tryolabs. Machine Learning professor and researcher. Entrepreneur. Science and Technology enthusiast.

  • Miriam Rasch

    Miriam Rasch

    leest, denkt en schrijft (in die volgorde) | onderzoek & publicaties @INCAmsterdam | docent media/filosofie @HvA | bier drinken bandjes kijken

  • Puck Peijnenburg

    Puck Peijnenburg

    CMD Alumni '11 | Working at Sanomamedia on mobile | Graduated at NRC on Service Design | Coffee | Infographics, Service Design & Publishing |

  • Katy Yudin

    Katy Yudin

    Creative Producer & Editor @SubmarineChannl. Digital researcher passionate about interactive docs, data viz, & affect! Bathhouse aficionado. @AffectLab

  • Juha Lehtonen

    Juha Lehtonen

    A web designer / gamer hybrid.

  • Jaime Teevan

    Jaime Teevan

    Researcher at Microsoft Research and mother to four little boys. #HCI #IR #Crowdsourcing

  • Everlaw


    We make legal technology that's easy to use. Our litigation platform is intuitive, fast, collaborative, and frequently updated.

  • craig pfeifer

    craig pfeifer

    So far I have not found the science. But the numbers keep on circling me. NLP / Machine Learning / skulduggery engineer

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